The weekend will begin with the main cross country event on Saturday morning.  In the afternoon we’ll have a knockout sprint course competition, then we’ll head in to events for the kids followed by a relaxed evening watching bike related movies.  On Sunday we’ll start with the Enduro where we’ll be measuring time taken to get from the top of Siberia to the bottom of Murphs, followed by a hillclimb and concluding with a Cyclocross event.  Points can be earned at all the events except the kids ones and will be summed to find the weekend champions!

Points will be allocated along the following lines:

Port Hills Classic – Max points 50. Based on average lap time.
Sprint course – Max points 20.  Based on placing.
Enduro – Max points 50.
Hillclimb – Max points 25.  Based on time.
Cyclocross – Max points 30.  Based on placing.

All riders will get a minimum of 1 point for each event they start in.

There is a menu for the events on this page, but where it is located depends on the type of device you are looking at this site on.