Evening XC Warm-up

This event has been dropped due to lack of daylight

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A warm-up event for the weekend


The course, which uses C2, Deviation  and part of the Crocodile Track, is approx 2.5 km long and is almost all singletrack.  Two passing sections have been built on C2 and the Crocodile.  We are keeping this race short as you will not want to tire your legs before the main race on Saturday!  When you collect your allocated race number for this race you will keep that for the weekend (we hope to have personalised numbers which you can actually keep forever)

Mini-XC course map


A grade
briefing 6:30 pm, start 6:35pm, 3 laps
(winning time of around 19 minutes)

B grade
briefing 7:00 pm, start 7:05 pm, 2 laps
(winning time of around 15 minutes)

C grade
will race with B grade but only do 1 lap

The sun will be setting just before 8 pm and Lower Deviation heads straight towards it so keep this in mind when planning your eye wear.